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We have a unique collaboration of highly experienced individuals, all passionate about helping you. Take a look through the following range of services to find what fits your requirements and get in touch!

Small group training - Movement coaching - Movement therapy - Health coaching - Remedial massage - Physiotherapy

Small group training

The studio lends itself to focused and unique exercise modalities, delivered by highly skilled instructors. For highly mobile sessions we limit the group size to eight participants, and for more controlled sessions only 12 participants. This respects the space and also fits with our philosophy of delivering a personal and special exercise experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Check out our new schedule to get you motivated, moving and magnificent before the festive season!

Prices shown are the casual rate per session. If you're a new client, your first group session is free! A 'commitment bonus pack' is alsoavailable for $165 for a 10 session pack. The pack can be used at any Animal Flow, Strength 3D, Boxfit, ViPR & friends or YogaFusion class held at be free in North Beach, or any YogaFusion class held at St. Columba's Anglican Church in Scarborough. Total discount value is $35. The pack is valid for three months from date of purchase.

If you want to be strong in life and in sport as well as in the gym, this is the answer! we use especially designed weights to get you moving in a more fluid form and in different directions to build your strength in a more complete way.
This uses the principles of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and combines them with our challenging, full  body conditioning techniques, for the biggest metabolic reward possible! Phew!
Ever wanted to channel your inner Hulk or Wonder Woman? Here's your chance! We use a variety of the training tools available in the studio as well a s teaching kicking and punching so you can be your own superhero.
ViPR & friends ($20)
This session uses any and all ofthe progressive training tools we have in the studio for maximum variety, fun and challenge.
YogaFusion ($20)
The fusing together of a variety of styles of yoga, combining the traditional aspects of Hatha yoga, the flow and fluidity of Vinyasa yoga, and the poise and precision Iyengar yoga.
private groups
if you are interested in setting up a private group of five or more people with a common goal, reach out to one of our coaches!

Movement coaching

Our team of coaches, JP, Shar, Hannah and Bronte, understand movement. How to move, when, with what and most importantly WHY! Whether you come with no challenges and simply want help nailing that goal, or you have experienced setbacks that cause you real concern, we have the expertise to help. Between them, our team have helped hundreds and hundreds of people from professional athletes needing that little bit more, through to people with severe restriction, discomfort, injury and debilitation. It all starts with an appraisal of where you are, before we decide in partnership with you, where we go, how and why. Whatever your starting point, we can help. And you might just have some fun along the way!


Our therapist and movement coach JP has a different way of looking at the body. Taking account of the connective tissues, their effect on muscles, nerves, bones, movement and even emotions, he focuses on finding ways to alleviate the causes of physical issues, not the symptoms. He’s able to help 90% of those people referred and give specific exercises so each client plays an active role in their own recovery. The intention is always to view you as an entire system, not a collection of ‘parts’ that don’t communicate. In addition, the fewer the number of sessions required, the better as far as JP is concerned. If you need three, he’ll say. Equally, if you need thirty, this will be communicated. An honest appraisal is always promised. JP is a problem solver who has helped hundreds of people overcome their difficulties and re-enter their active lives.

Remedial massage therapy

Hayley is trained in many different massage techniques from sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Hayley is also trained in the lastest strapping techniques. Hayley loves to train and treat everyone, with a strong desire to help as many people as possible live a fulfilling life, whether that be dealing with challenges, or simply tissues in the body that need TLC. Through her own personal recovery journey and work with local and elite level sporting teams, she also has a strong passion and capability for helping others continuing playing the sports they love.

Remedial massage price list:
30 minutes - $50
45 minutes - $70
60 minutes - $85
90 minutes - $120

Note: Strapping extra

Private health fund rebates available. To make an appointment , contact Hayley directly or book online today.

Health coaching

Our resident health coach Franca is here to look at any health and nutrition challenges you are experiencing by taking a whole person view of who you are, not just what you do. Through a range of techniques, her approach is to see you help you form new habits and patterns of behaviour over several months, so that you never return to those that haven’t served you. She is a deeply connected and empathetic individual who wants nothing more than to help you heal.


Our physiotherapist Erin is excited to provide you with whatever physio services you may require and is dedicated to spending however much time is needed to get you better; bringing quality and focus to your physiotherapy experience.