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We are a collaboration of health, movement, mind and emotional coaches all passionate about enabling you to get the most from your life. Enhance your physical, mental and emotional world – be free, be you!

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profile picture jp
John 'JP' Polley - Founder of be free, movement coach andtherapist, educator and mentor

JP is the owner of be free in North Beach, movement coach and therapist, educator, author and mentor. As a movement coach and therapist, he specialises in helping people move as effectively as possible. His mantra is “train or treat the human being, not the human body”. He works with everyone from professional athletes through to those with extreme limitation. As an educator, JP has delivered sessions at conferences across Australia and New Zealand, as well as workshops nationally and internationally. He is also an author and ambassador for PTA Global, and a master coach for Eye Fitness and PT Academy. As a mentor, he offers guidance to health and fitness professionals in person and online, to help them grow their business and more importantly, themselves. JP is passionate about movement, the whole person approach to coaching people and brings in fun and creative methods to enhance his work.


BA Honours (Sociology)
Diploma in Personal Training
Certificate in Sports Massage
THUMP Boxing Certificate
Certificate in Postural Analysis
OD on Movement Mentorship
PTA Global Bridging Course
ViPR Master Trainer
Power Plate National Trainer
Institute of Motion Mentorship
Sandbell Master Coach
freeFORM board Master Coach
Throwdown Master Coach

shar clements - movement coach

Shar has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her career has involved roles such as Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Bodybuilding Competitor and Triathlon Coach. These days Shar enjoys keeping fit and healthy while raising her three children and believes that anything is possible if you get up, show up and never give up. She is excited to be continuing her fitness journey with be free and brings her passion of traditional and functional training with her. Shar views personal training with a holistic approach focusing on training the human being not just the human body. Shar's mission is to assist and empower you to achieve your goals; helping you to be happier and healthier.  Life is meant to be lived.


Cert III in Fitness
Cert IV in Personal Training
Fascia: Optimising Movement Performance - John Polley
Sandbell Training Certificate
Motion, Forces, Tissue & Emotion - Ian O'Dwyer
Current First Aid certificate
Mentorship with JP


Bree has been involved in the fitness industry for two years and is the owner and head movement coach at Motion Fitness WA in Kingsley. Bree has a passion for providing a platform for individuals to return to movement through fun, interactive, supportive and outcome based small group training. Bree enjoys the best of both movement worlds in that she is an avid trail runner, ocean swimmer and mountain biker, but also practices in the space of primal and functional movement through her love of Animal Flow and progressive movement style. Having worked in the corporate world for the past 15 years, Bree has an in depth understanding of both the physical and mental impacts of a sedentary , high stress environment.  She is driven to help you move without restriction, reduce stress and function better in all aspects of your life. Bree is always chasing a new adventure and her goal is to have you prepared both physically and emotionally to chase your own.


Certificate in Yogic Science
Cert III in Fitness
Cert IV in Personal Training 
Next Level Mentorship (with John Polley)
Level 1 Animal Flow Certified Instructor 
Level 2 Animal Flow & Advanced Flow Design 
ViPR course (with John Polley)
Client Success Essentials (with Ian O’Dwyer)
Current First Aid certificate

fiona taylor - MOVEMENT COACH

Fiona has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. She is certified in group fitness, Pilates and Fitball and teaches a variety of classes for all fitness levels across Perth.

She really enjoys helping people with their health and wellness journey - it’s very satisfying when the light switches on and it becomes a natural part of their lifestyle!

For her, healthy cooking, eating good food and exercise are things she loves to do daily!

Her passion is helping people find ways to eat, move and live healthily - simple changes that can create big results!

Registered Group Fitness Instructor
Pilates & Fitball Instructor
Integrative Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach
Next Level Mentorship (with John Polley)
Senior First Aid Certificate
Mental Health First Aid Certificate 

neil urry - yoga instructor and retreat organiser

Neil has been involved in yoga for the past 14 years and has been amazed at the impact that it had on his life both on a physical and mental level. Having spent 20 years working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Club Manager it seemed that the transition into yoga teaching was a natural progression. He has been able to incorporate much of what he has learned from working in the fitness industry and apply it to yoga, allowing him to offer a safe, effective and fun style of practice. Having branched out on his own in September 2007, Neil  has not looked back and now finds himself teaching all round Perth at gyms, yoga schools, private clients and with corporate groups.


Certificate in Yogic Science
Sivananda Yoga Teacher
FSMT Massage Therapist
Diploma in Kinesiology
Fitness Instructor


Influenced and inspired by her grandmother's healing hands, Loula's passion for massage and helping people, developed from a young age. She completed her diploma in 2008 and began to thrive as a remedial therapist in a variety of clinical and sports-based settings, learning from some of the most progressive and experienced members in the industry. Always on a mission to expand her knowledge, Loula loves to experience, observe and learn from other cultures. Living in Thailand and travelling extensively throughout SE Asia helped her skills evolve as she learned how to integrate principles of yoga and Thai massage into her treatments, in unique and effective ways. She has worked on bodybuilders and athletes, on post-surgical clients and in palliative care. Her deep understanding of myofascial anatomy and the mind-body connection is the foundation of her approach. Completing an undergraduate degree in Counselling and Psychology shifted her perspective to how our thoughts and emotions play a crucial role in creating dysfunction and pain. This understanding has helped her grow in her own journey as an individual and a therapist, to help more people tap into their own source of strength, in addition to delivering an unforgettable healing experience.


Diploma of Remedial Massage
Next Level Mentorship
Certification BA Psychology and Counselling
Certificate II in Thai Massage
Senior First Aid Certificate